Quality, durability, design and concern with consumer interests are critical factors for a product sales success. Hence, since its foundation in 1974 Parnaplast makes constant investments in equipment and professional qualification to develop increasingly innovative, resilient and reliable packages that satisfy customers and consumers. Currently, the company is a domestic and international benchmark, recognized by its technology, earnestness and competence among flexible packaging plants in Brazil and overseas.

Parnaplast team philosophy it to constantly develop distinguishing, cutting-edge and effective packaging solutions that add value to products by means of relevant partnerships and excellent logistics. All that because Parnaplast focus is on building a solid relationship and productive partnership, continuously contributing to the evolution and strengthening of our customers' business.


Produce co-extruded films and differentiated packaging that meet customer specifications, legal and safety requirements for food packaging;
Ensure the training of employees to perform their duties;
Promote continuous improvement in the processes, quality and safety of products aiming at improving results;


To be recognized by the industry as Brazil's best first-class coextruded film and packaging manufacturer.


To manufacture and trade first-class coextruded film and packaging, generating returns and adding value to the company, shareholders, associates and customers.

Values and principles:

- Customer Satisfaction;
- Innovative spirit;
- Continuous improvement.


The innovation in production processes, cargo management and product technologies are ongoing efforts in Parnaplast. The purpose is to constantly create new solutions to serve the flexible packaging market in an efficient and high-quality manner. Now, get to know some of our technologies:



The combination of up to nine layers of melt polymers forming a single film and meeting specific performance needs for a given application.



Flexographic printing of up to 8 colors, using cutting-edge process technologies, applying the most advanced pattern making methods in the industry. Guaranteeing customers optimum quality.



Solvent-based lamination: suitable for special conditions such as high-temperature applications.

Corte e solda

Cutting and welding:

Solvent-based lamination: suitable for special conditions such as high-temperature applications.



Area responsible for spool finish, ensuring the correct width with maximum accuracy, proper sizes and good facing.

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